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Top 5 Flight Case Manufacturers in South America

The top 5 flight case manufacturers in South America are Fly Cases Brasil, Tecno Cases, Cases Plus, Hardcase, and Extreme Cases.

These companies are recognized for their high-quality, durable flight cases that cater to various industries including music, film, and aviation.

For more custom ATA flight cases and manufacturers, continue reading the article below.

South America’s Top 5 Flight Case Suppliers

#1: Universal Cases – Brazil

Universal Cases(1) is renowned for its custom ATA flight cases, which are specifically designed for musical instruments and professional audio equipment.

This company stands out for its robust design and wide customization options, including flight cases with the following features:

  • Drawers.
  • Additional clasps. 
  • Removable covers.

Moreover, Universal Cases’ products meet the ATA (Air Transport Association) standards and guidelines, which ensures they provide maximum protection for fragile equipment during transit.

#2: Qualitty Cases – Brazil

Qualitty Cases(2) offers a wide range of flight cases in the following industries:

  • Film and broadcasting.
  • Medical.
  • Audio.
  • Art.

This company is not just recognized for its innovative designs and premium materials.

They also boast a go signal from ATA to produce flight cases that meet the maximum safety standards set by aviation authorities.

#3: One Cases – Colombia

One Cases(3) specializes in custom ATA flight cases for the broadcasting and film industry, including camera, audio, and lighting equipment cases.

They also offer flight cases for medical equipment.

Plus, they also accept special flight cases according to their client needs and preferences.

The company is also recognized for its attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Moreover, the company’s flight cases are designed to withstand the hazards of traveling such as impact, shock, and vibration which can cause damage to equipment.

#4: Keeper Case – Colombia

Keeper Case(4) is a well-known flight case supplier in Colombia for their protective cases for various industries.

They specialize in the following flight case types:

  • Trunk or horizontal.
  • Rack or with double vertical opening.
  • Tower or with a single vertical opening.
  • Pilot or with a horizontal opening, handle, and wheels.
  • Briefcase or with a horizontal opening that is ideal for lightweight items.

Moreover, the Keeper Case became a big name in the industry due to its durable, impact-resistant designs and its wide range of customizable options.

Not just that, Keeper Cases’ flight cases are also trusted by professionals because of their products’ reliability and build quality.

#5. Racks and Bags – Colombia

Racks and Bags(5) excel in producing custom ATA flight cases for the music and entertainment industry, specifically touring artists and production companies.

The company is recognized for its high standards of craftsmanship and strength in providing flight cases for medical and laboratory equipment.

Moreover, Racks and Bags’ flight cases provide exceptional protection, which makes them a preferred choice for those needing reliable and customized solutions.

Chinese Flight Case Factory: Suncase

Suncase Industry

If you’re looking for a flight case manufacturer outside the USA, then be sure to add Suncase to your list.

With 14 years of manufacturing expertise, Suncase has penetrated businesses locally and internationally, across Europe and the USA.

Moreover, Suncase has devoted time and resources to improving their line of products, including:

  • Aluminum cases.
  • Briefcases.
  • Suitcases.
  • EVA cases.
  • Customized flight cases.

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Suncase boasts a stringent manufacturing process – from material selection to quality control.

Furthermore, the company has employed a team of sincere professionals and they make sure that each flight case product is done with utmost care and precision.

To learn more about this wonderful business opportunity, contact their team today to get started.

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