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Top 5 Flight Case Manufacturers in Europe

The top 5 flight case manufacturers in Europe are Penn Elcom, Procase, Adam Hall, Swanflight, and NSP Cases.

These companies are renowned for their high-quality and durable flight cases that cater to various industries including music, broadcasting, and medical fields.

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Top 5 Flight Case European Manufacturers

#1: Penn Elcom

Penn Elcom is known for its wide range of rack flight cases and hardware components, including its innovative 19-inch rack cases and heavy-duty drawer units.

This flight case company is a proven leader in the industry of transport management products.

They are recognized for their durable products and comprehensive range of components that allow for extensive customization.

Penn Elcom’s commitment to innovation and quality makes it a top choice for professional-grade light cases.

#2: Procase

Procase excels in producing custom flight cases for the music and event industries, including their popular DJ cases and mixer cases.

This German-based flight case company boasts precise engineering and the use of high-quality materials.

Procase’s ability to create custom flight cases has earned them a solid reputation across Europe.

#3: Adam Hall

Adam Hall boasts a wide range of flight cases with their LD Systems flight cases and Palmer equipment cases being particularly popular.

This flight case company is known for its innovative design and robust build quality.

Moreover, Adam Hall’s flight cases are trusted by professionals across the globe for their reliability and durability. 

#4: Swanflight

Swanflihgt is popular for its guitar flight cases and its customized DJ flight cases, which are favorites among touring musicians and DJs.

This flight case UK manufacturer has a strong market presence and the ability to deliver high-quality, customized flight cases has made them a strong competitor for many businesses alike.

#5: NSP Cases

NSP Cases specializes in protective cases for the film and television industries, including their camera and lighting equipment cases.

Not to mention, their robust, impact-resistant designs, and customized options.

Moreover, NSP Cases’ attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a top manufacturer in Europe.

Suncase: Professional Flight Case Manufacturer of China

packing for fight case

Suncase flight cases are known for their exceptional durability, customization options, and innovative designs.

This Chinese flight case manufacturer also offers a variety of custom flight cases including:

  • Rack cases.
  • Instrument cases.
  • Utility cases.

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For 14 years of industry experience, Suncase has continued to live out its mission of providing top-quality protective solutions for equipment transport management.

Moreover, Suncase has grown to become a leading flight case manufacturer in China by employing advanced production techniques and stringent quality control.

Not just that, Suncase also utilizes state-of-the-art technology and extensive product research and development to meet various trends and needs in the market.

With millions of dollars in sales, Suncase has proven to be the top business partner of businesses across Europe and the USA.

To learn more about this partnership, visit their website or contact their team to jumpstart your business immediately.

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